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Making the Case for Strong Health Care Performance

At Press Ganey, we are constantly pushing performance improvement forward. Whether it's clinical, experiential, financial or operational, everything we do is driven by the outcomes we achieve through the high level of performance we demand – of ourselves and of our stakeholders. It's what makes us "Outcomes Driven. Performance Strong." Key benefits of partnering with Press Ganey include:

We are Specialisists in Healthcare Satisfaction Measurement and Improvement

  • A full set of survey systems across the continuum of care, psychometrically tested for reliability and validity in an Australasian context, means substantial cost savings in survey systems development
  • Outsourcing healthcare satisfaction surveying services to Press Ganey makes it easy to meet accreditation and reporting requirements for external agencies
  • Reliability in data means staff accept the results and value client satisfaction as a quality indicator
  • How do you compare? Ability to compare results to external Australasian and peer group healthcare benchmarks
  • Benchmarks available for specialties, procedures & therapy services, clients can select their own benchmark peer group for comparison
  • Extensive client support with protocols, manuals, and report interpretation
  • Quality improvement support through workshops, and industry research
  • Specialised sampling, mailhouse and comments processing services
  • Quality assured to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • With over 25 years experience, now supported by over 850 staff including countless statistics experts, means sampling strategies are recommended that eliminate bias and skewing of results. Staff can have confidence in the results and decisions are based on reliable data;
  • Unique "Priority Index" analysis determines relative importance of each question for our partner's clients means it's easy for staff to pinpoint valid priorities for quality improvement, not just because a score on a survey may be low;
  • Surveying can commence at short notice as extensive survey infrastructure is in place;
  • Rapid turnaround in data analysis and reports
  • Custom survey analysis and reporting is directly in the hands of your facility staff through our award winning InfoEdge Data Mining Software;
  • T-tests conducted to show statistical significance of change
  • Correlations carried out to determine issues that drive satisfaction
  • Data is trended to highlight change over time
  • Data is stratified into key areas such as wards/units, procedures, ED shifts
From a third party point of view, Press Ganey provides the neutral, unbiased assessment that our community is asking for – an independent audit of consumer and stakeholder perceptions.

Need further proof?

See firsthand in our featured success stories how we've helped other health care organisations like yours achieve better outcomes through improved performance.


Improving quality of care begins with understanding your stakeholders – patients, employees and doctors – so you can focus efforts on driving performance.

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Measuring and improving client satisfaction can help your organisation save time and money – especially when it comes to improved client flow, adverse events, c loyalty, doctor referrals and reduced malpractice costs.

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Driving long-term clinical and financial performance in aged care depends greatly on resident satisfaction. You'll see that it dramatically leads to improved clinical outcomes and stronger financial results for your organisation.

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