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Data-Driven Solutions That Improve Outcomes

Whichever care setting you serve, Press Ganey Performance Solutions can help you take the next step towards becoming a high-performing organisation. Our performance solutions are divided into suites to help you identify the right solutions to meet your most important business objectives.

Whether you're looking to improve quality, increase market share, operate more efficiently or optimise reimbursement, we've got performance solutions that help deliver improved experiential, clinical, financial and operational outcomes. The end result? Consistent performance excellence across your organisation. In other words, an organisation that has become "Outcomes driven. Performance strong."


In addition to industry-leading data analysis, reporting and benchmarking, Press Ganey gives you more resources to drive your improvement:
  • Our Client Relations Managers are focused on health care and vested in your success. They have a proven track record of providing solutions that guide patient-centred care.
  • An array of proven solutions from best practices, case studies and white papers to online forums, conferences and webinars – as well as the industry's most extensive archives of research findings, publications and articles – will help you align your initiatives with your goals.
  • Publications like Partners magazine, Briefings, Satisfaction Snapshots and Forum Focus e-newsletters and the Improving Health Care blog bring you relevant news that you can use to drive improvement at your agency.
  • Take advantage of outstanding educational and networking opportunities through our International Client Conference and other events to expand your knowledge and re-energise and refocus your organisation's efforts.


How is your health care organisation really doing? We currently partner with 50% of all U.S. hospitals to advance quality of care and stakeholder satisfaction. In Australia and New Zealand the leading healthcare organisations such as Ramsay Healthcare, Epworth, Mater Brisbane and Capital and Coast District Health Board engage Press Ganey services.

Tools and benchmarks, validated in an Australasian context, are available for Inpatient, Day Surgery, Emergency Department, Maternity, NICU, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Renal and Palliative Care. Supported by Employee and Doctor surveys to provide a 3-D view of your organisation from all stakeholders.


Medical Practice Patient Experience Survey - (RACGP Approved)

Our survey tool has been accredited by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and will accurately capture your patients’ feedback providing insights into their perceived experience on visiting your medical practice.

Our survey and state-of-the-art analysis and support services provides medical practitioners and practice managers with peace of mind, allowing you to integrate accurate and unbiased feedback into your everyday operations so you can then focus effectively on providing patient-centred care.

To receive information about the survey and improvement services Press Ganey offers to support medical practices in Australia, please CLICK HERE.



What's the key to ensuring long-term performance and growth in the non acute sector? Client loyalty. And that loyalty builds and continues over time with improved performance in all areas of your Community and Outpatient Services.

Tools and benchmarks, validated in an Australasian context, are available for Community Health, Home Health, Centre Based Services such as Radiology, Pathology, Oncology, Allied Health, Renal Services and a full range of Testing Services. Supported by Employee and Doctor surveys to provide a 3-D view of your organisation from all stakeholders.



How can you improve performance and outcomes for your aged and residential care services? Treat every resident and family experience as a golden opportunity to increase satisfaction, consumer loyalty and reimbursement.

Tools and benchmarks, validated in an Australasian context, are available for a full range of aged care services. Supported by Employee surveys to provide a 3D view of your organisation from all stakeholders.



Want to take your organisation's performance to even greater heights? Engage Press Ganey's education and consulting services. Our professionals have walked in your shoes, so their insights come from real-life, hands-on experience. Combining their expertise with your performance data can yield new strategies for success.

See how Press Ganey consultants can help you turn your data into true performance outcomes and take your performance to the next level.



Press Ganey's improvement support includes innovative online access to industry best practice, solution starters and research that gives you real-time insight into your organisation's current performance and access to best-in-class improvement resources.