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Driving Performance Excellence in Health Care

To be the best of the best in health care takes a keen understanding of your organisation from top to bottom and a never-ending commitment to deliver the highest quality of care possible to your patients. At Press Ganey, we are continuously inspired to provide innovative, data-driven solutions that will help you become a high-performance organisation. We do this by helping you become outcomes driven, so your organisation will be performance strong. Our comprehensive portfolio of performance solutions is designed to help you:

But we don't stop there. We offer strategic consulting in all phases of performance improvement. Our consultants possess a depth and breadth of health care experience that truly sets us apart from the competition. Whether it's in the acute or non-acute setting, we partner with you to create a high-performance environment that is experientially, clinically, operationally and financially strong.

The Press Ganey Advantage

For more than 30 years, Press Ganey has been the industry's recognised leader in health care performance improvement. We work with more than 10,500 health care organisations world-wide, including many of the major public and private healthcare organisations in Australia and New Zealand, to improve satisfaction, clinical and business outcomes. With our extensive experience measuring performance and providing improvement solutions, Press Ganey offers several advantages that can help your organisation improve outcomes and be among the industry's highest performers.

Press Ganey has the largest health care comparative feedback database in the world. We distribute over 52 million surveys to patients, residents, doctors and healthcare employees every year. Our wealth of information gives clients exclusive access to meaningful benchmarking capabilities and real-time actionable data for improving bottom-line results. We are the largest health care improvement solutions provider. Our data-driven solutions have been proven to maximise performance and achieve sustainable success across a range of health care settings.

Our depth and breadth of health care experience truly sets us apart from the competition. Our professionals are deeply rooted in all facets of health care and they are committed to your organisation's success.

You'll have access to the industry's most extensive collection of research findings, publications and articles. Press Ganey has the largest online community dedicated to health care improvement, and a significant and growing library of proven best practices, case studies and white papers.

Maximize Your Hospital's Performance by Focusing on Improvement Opportunities

Take the next step towards becoming one of the industry's best high-performing health care organisations. Our solution suites have been strategically aligned to help you meet your most important business objectives. Whether your goal is to improve quality of care, increase market share, operate more efficiently or optimise reimbursement, Press Ganey has the solution for you.